Etsy Made in Canada Show!

Happy Monday!!

And happy international coffee day! Not that we need an excuse around here. I probably should be dedicating this post to all things coffee, but I think I do that enough on a regular basis - I'm probably making you all tea drinkers.  Instead I wanted to talk about a fun little event I went to in Toronto on Saturday.

Etsy’s Made in Canada pop-up market was held in the atrium of the MaRS building and brought together a large group of local artists and craftspeople for one day. The first fifty people in line got a fun swag bag with some of the handmade goods (I obviously wasn’t one of them since you’d basically have to offer me a car to wake up before 8).

There were lots of things about the market that were really good, and one thing that just annoyed me. I’ll start with the bad, just to... you know, clear the air.

Dear Etsy, this location was not nearly big enough for the amount of vendors and the amount of people that were there. It was PACKED; it was hard to get access to some of the tables. There were moments when we were standing for what seemed like forever because there was nowhere to move.  I was constantly getting elbowed (I’m short, tall people don’t even know) and Peter called it a “pickpockets dream”. He would though.

Mostly I just felt bad for the vendors, it was hard to get access to them so I’m sure there were some lost sales opportunities and probably a level of discomfort for them. That being said, the market was overwhelmingly more positive than negative – I would go again, only I would hope you would re-think the layout. A loyal Etsy lover. 

Ok so the good! There was lots of good. 

I am on a bit of a budget right now so I couldn’t spend a lot of money – but even if I hadn’t purchased anything (pfft) I definitely walked away feeling INSPIRED. The creativity and talent that these entrepreneurial people possess astounds me! It definitely lit up the part of my brain that loves to make things, use my hands, and get lost in projects for hours. 

This lady is incredible! She hand cuts amazing designs into paper - like entire city maps, she was great and you can find her here at Light and Paper Shop

I liked the variety of stuff that you could find there, everything from handmade cards, soaps, to repurposed jewellery and nipple covers. Ya you heard me, what do you think of these babies?

I liked Peter’s response, which was, “but if you’re basically naked why do you want to cover them anyway?” HA. 

There was a little bit of everything and lots of fun stuff for Christmas gifts!

I loved the repurposed jewellery of Miz Dragonfly, including these cool wonder woman cuffs - she had some seriously cool stuff. 

How cute are these rings? They are scented too! Check em out here at Candiware

I forgot to get this vendors info - and I regret not buying these

They had a series of workshops running throughout the day as well, it allowed for small groups and one on one discussion with the vendors, which was great.

I am very serious about this soap

The vendors themselves were all super friendly, and eager to answer any questions. I ended up walking away with lots of business cards and a few really cute items!

Baked Soap Co. specializes in novelty baked soaps, so they come in mini donuts, cupcakes, macarons etc. But it’s the scents, which make them UNREAL. I got this coffee cake one to go with my mini donuts and I am IN LOVE.

I got these super fun turkey cookies from The iBakery; she had lots of different types as well. The cookies were actually really good, not dry like some sugar cookies can be. We inhaled them.

So much creativity!! It was a fun and inspiring day, even if you didn't get a chance to go, check out some of these vendors, I'm thinking this is the way to go for Christmas gifts this year!