Wedding Things

Summer isn't officially over, but it sure does feel that way today. The air is just a little bit crisp and my instagram feed has been taken over by back to school posts from parents, students and teachers! Labour day weekend marks the end of summer for most,  so I hope you had a great one! One of the highlights of mine was a beautiful wedding. 

We've known the couple, Megan and Luke, for a little over a year and they are as cute as can be. Their love for each other just fills the room! It's palpable and really amazing to see - it was such a sweet wedding, filled with friendship, laughter and love. 

They had their ceremony and reception at Belcroft Estates & Event Centre, which is a barn-like venue with some seriously beautiful grounds!

Megan arrived in a horse and carriage with her parents, how amazing is that?! I don't remember the horses name, but he was the best!

I'm not sure who the officiant was but I wish I had recorded him for you - deep radio voice all the way! The couple shared some sweet and funny vows, they laughed, they cried, it was lovely. Just look how happy they are. 

The decor was rustic and I loved all of it, branches, mason jars, candles, burlap - perfect. 

THE CAKE, YOU GUYS... Megan's nickname for Luke is Panda. How perfect is this! One of my favourite wedding cakes ever. 

 Also the cupcakes were amazing and I had like 7 .. I probably shouldn't admit to that. I don't think anyone noticed...

It was nice to get to spend some time with friends we don't see often enough and meet some new friends as well. Sometimes you get stuck at an awkward table, y'know what I mean... but we had a great one!

 Peter and Tyler bonded over their mutual love of long hair and sunglasses...

Megan and Luke are so in love, and it was a really beautiful wedding that reflected that perfectly! We wish all the best for the happy couple!