BlogPodium 2014

Happy Monday Friends! 

I hope some of you are getting a little bit of sunshine today because the gloominess where I am is making me sloooow. 

I’m also pretty tired from my weekend, it was super BUSY– but great! The highlight was the 4th annual BlogPodium conference I attended at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto

The hotel is beautiful! Sadly, I was not on my A-game with photos, so I only managed one mediocre shot (Ironic I know). 

This conference brings together all kinds of design and lifestyle bloggers, new ones, seasoned ones and those who are just considering starting a blog.

There were a couple of fantastic keynote sessions, smaller educational & fun presentations and a series of roundtable discussions.There was time allotted for networking (and let me tell you, I have never met a friendlier group of people).

As well as a chance to meet some of the brands, sponsors and walk away with some fun prizes and swag.

Plus -  they fed us some really good food. And lots and lots of coffee - which really, is all it takes to win me over anyway.

Just look at that sign, meant for me or what?

When I initially heard about the conference, I thought that I couldn’t possibly attend. I’m a pretty new blogger and am still in the process of trying to figure things out, so I pictured myself feeling like Mike Ross from Suits, (If you don’t watch it, you need to).

Essentially feeling like a fraud, and without his amazing ability to memorize everything! Sidenote – I think maybe I watch too much TV? I frequently relate my life situations to those of fictional characters

Peter being the supportive husband that he is got me the tickets, because he knows how much fun I’ve had doing this so far, and he thought I would learn a lot. Boy was he right.

I felt right at home while I was there and there were lots of people there who were new bloggers as well. Plus,  the people who are already long term badass bloggers – were SOOO friendly.

I wasn’t expecting people to be mean or anything, but just how much people WANTED to give me advice, or support or their time – without me even asking, was really lovely. I took away not just knowledge about the industry but also the understanding that this is a really great community that I want to be part of, so it was motivational on many fronts.

P.S. I had to include these pictures, because while I didn't get as many photos of the event as I would have liked, I did manage multiple strangely-composed selfies, yeesh! I eye rolled myself, that's bad isn't it?

Let's never talk about those again.

Anyway, there was a lot of really creative stuff to see, like this little setup here which everyone was pinning their business cards to. The creativity behind the cards themselves was cool and I really liked the confetti package for Hey Jules!

There were lots of brand ambassadors and sponsors there showing off some of their product like Indigo, Linen Chest and my new besties, Structube

They actually gave me a free Ghost chair! ( as in clear, not haunted)

Ask Peter - I've actually wanted one for my office forever, and recently considered buying one on amazon, so I am completely thrilled about this. 

I had such a great time, I'm really really grateful I had the chance to go and meet so many wonderful people! And if any of you are considering blogging, or are already bloggers who didn't get a chance to go I am happy to share some of the information I received with you!

When I was thinking about writing about the event, I debated between just writing a sort of description and my perception of it or if I should try to impart some of the wisdom (and there was A LOT ) that I gained. I decided to just give a glimpse because the truth is I'm still digesting all this information and trying to figure out how to apply it to my own blog! As I work on it, I'll get to share some of those insights with you with a more personal application.

Which also, leads me to this question...

What do you guys like or not like about the blog so far? What have been your favourite posts and why? I'd love to know, so please leave a comment here or send me an email  from the contact page!

Thanks y'all