September Goals

At the beginning of every month I usually make a list of goals and tasks that I want to accomplish, like say starting a blog.  Usually they are broad ideas which allow me to make smaller weekly or daily goals that fit into this "bigger picture". Bet you didn't know I was this compulsive. You don't know the half of it! 

With the chillier weather and leaves already changing colour, I know that Fall is just around the corner, and I want to begin (or continue) some habits now that will bring me some peace (and sanity) before the crazy holiday season is upon us... did I just say that?!  

I decided to share my list with you this month, because frankly sometimes I suck at sticking to these - and I figure what better way to hold myself accountable than to publicly declare them to you here. I still may not finish them, but shame and embarrassment are pretty good motivators so...

  • Do some work to the house - I have to be honest, ever since we signed the paper work for our new home (ready next august) I kind of ...don't care, about this one...At least not about finishing any outstanding projects or spending any more time/money on decor.  But I'm probably not being fair, this little house has been so good to us and I really do love it. I am going to try and put the other house out of my mind, I mean it is a whole year away! 
  • Create something -  I love all kinds of artistic endeavours, I enjoy drawing, painting, decor, fashion, makeup, cooking etc. However I tend to prioritize other things over spending time actually CREATING. I would love to sew a dress - although this may be more of a talent/skill issue than time...or make some major artwork for my home. I'm not sure what this will be just yet.
  • Let go of Sugar - I spent a few months last year playing with my diet, mainly just to get to know my body better. The one thing that made the  biggest difference not just for my body size, but for how I FELT was eliminating sugar. The thing I found most amazing was that food actually tasted DIFFERENT after the sugar was out of my system. Sugar destroys your taste buds!!.. Anyway, sometime over the summer I lost my focus and am now fully addicted to sugar again, I blame Dairy Queen and Starbucks. 
  • Read, Read, Read - I LOVE to read - but I don't do it enough, I want to try and get through a book a week...maybe, not including some devotionals and the amplified bible I received as a gift. So it's actually quite a lot. 
  • Date my Husband - Peter and I have a unique situation in that a) He works from home, and b) I am no longer working. Which means that we are both home together quite a bit. It is such a blessing! But it also makes it harder to have any kind of surprise in the relationship y'know? I mean somedays we wake up and float about the house in sweatpants, Peter in his office, me in mine...we bump into each other in the kitchen and then go back to our respective routines. He makes a phone call and doesn't need to fill me in, because I CAN HEAR THE WHOLE THING. He's very loud. I think at times we take for granted that maybe binge watching Suits on Netflix doesn't really count as date time (or does it?).  All of this sounds really sexy I'm sure, and while at times its this level of comfort that I crave,  It's nice to get out of the house and do something new and fun together once in a while. Like our little coffee dates, so I would like to keep those going. 

September promises to be a busy month for me, and I hope that I can accomplish everything on this list, If I don't we'll pretend this post never existed, k?

Are you planning for September yet? Whats on your list?