Friday Faves!

Hi friends, 

I feel tired today, not physically...just a little in spirit. I have been anxious for a few days over something that didn't turn out that well, and I'll be honest. I have been sulking. I wish I could say it's not like me to sulk over stuff.. but It's often hard for me to shake off disappointment quickly. I wish I was better at it, because the rational part of me DOES realize that feeling sorry for myself  accomplishes nothing, yet I can't help but tend to my wounds just a little too long sometimes. 

Annnyway, I have a few things to look forward to this weekend, so I know that I will feel better soon, and in the meantime, here's some stuff that caught my eye this week!

1. Photographer Ray Mock captured Banksy's widely talked about project in NYC last year; 'Better out than in'. He recorded the 31 days and has printed a book featuring over 120 photos and illustrations, organized per day. Only 2000 were printed, and are only $35, so they won't last long! Link Here

2. One King's Lane guide to finding the right type of rug for your home, everything is considered from warmth to wear and what spaces are best suited. Link Here

3. 4 Steps to creating a Professional Flower arrangement, on The Everygirl. Link Here

4. From the mod cloth website, for all you cat lovers -  "How to make your cat an Internet Celebrity". Funny gift? Or legitimate resource? Link Here

5. Moorea Seal, a great shop that carries handmade goods from artists in the U.S. They also donate a percentage to particular causes for animals, women, children and the environment. You can even shop BY cause! I like their delicate ring collection. Link Here

6. I have no idea where this picture is from - But I am IN LOVE with the tent and map on the wall. Future boys room God willing!! (If you know the picture, send me the link!)

Lots of Love,