I Love July ... Again

Happy Monday!!

I wanted to change it up a little on the blog today, so I thought I would bring back a post from 2010. Thats right, from my first ever blog "The White Dress Formula".

Guys - I actually want to post all of them again, because they bring back such fun memories! Well for me, you might not want to ever read them again, hah! 

Anyway, it's just a short one, this post was titled " I Love July", enjoy. 

My last 3 weeks have consisted of phone call after phone call, and appointment after appointment. I have been scouting different venues across the GTA. I’ve discovered that the majority of places are booked up every month in 2010 except for November.  What’s that about? I mean even September 11th is all booked up (I don’t think I want my anniversary to automatically be associated to one of the scariest days in American history).  But November is pretty much free and clear.
Now it just so happens that I also  hate November, I mean it’s after the beautiful colours and temperature of fall, but before the crisp, deliciously white world of winter. Trees and plants are usually dead; the world becomes a somber shade of gray. November is the outcast. It’s the loner month. None of the other months want to be his friend.
I mentioned this dislike to Peter, and he responded with;
“well, November will always be special to me  because that’s when we got engaged”
I know right, he plays dirty. Completely unfair. So I stopped complaining and put a venue on hold for November 20th !  Don’t go saving the date yet, I have 2 more appointments this weekend and then I will know for sure.
The truth is, It doesn’t really matter what month it is, because I know we are going to make it special in our own way. And maybe after that November will become my favourite month.
No it wont, just wanted to end on a positive note. But it was too cheesy, and you could probably see right through me eh?

I loved having a winter wedding, but everything I said about November was true, it was kind of gray out that day (although I was truthfully so happy that it didn't matter). It was also frigidly cold and windy that day! We had to run in and out of our limo for the outdoor photos, and in most of them Peter and I look like Rudolph.

I still feel guilty for having the bridesmaids wear strapless dresses... sorry guys....

I will say, that now being IN the marriage. The day is important for so many more reasons than how comfortable it was. In that way, my anniversary always brings some joy in the middle of cold, grey November.

It'll never be my favourite month though.