Toronto Flower Market

Happy Monday!

I hope you guys are prepared for a pretty photo-heavy post today.

I went to the Toronto Flower Market on the weekend - So how could I not bombard you with a million photos?! So much bright, colourful and fun stuff to see! 

The Toronto Flower Market showcases Ontario flowers and growers, as well as local florists and their creations! It's a great idea, and something about it reminds me of little parisian markets. Love!

Although it was smaller than I had expected it to be (I was thinking it would be a huge lineup of stalls and vendors) It was such a nice little oasis from the rest of the city, and lots of people were out-and about enjoying ice-cream, coffees and fresh flowers - and man! there were photographers galore!

Ok, these "gypsy crowns" below,  were one of my favourite things there! SO Beautiful and so bohemian - I didn't buy one though because... well, 20 bucks. No. 

I enjoyed the varieties of potted plants, succulents, cacti and little bundles of dried up lavender and herbs that were also being sold. 

This fairy garden stand was really cute, I love the succulents in the mugs! This is on my crafty to-do list. 

I was so inspired by all of the AMAZING colours - just LOOK at those pinks, yellows and fire like oranges. Better than any artist could re-create, and such lovely reminders of God's presence, grace and love in my life! 

I know it's early but these fire like sunflowers make me yearn for fall! 

Wild Lark Studios certainly has one of the most popular stalls at the market with a "build your own bouquet" station. The associates there are friendly and eager to help in case you need it.

They have lots of beautiful flowers at alternating heights so you can create really nice arrangements. 

This lovely lady was giving me some pointers

I also purchased a tote on the way out of the market, because look how cute it is... I'm sure I'll use it again...

I think I did pretty well with my arrangements, I only got a few small bundles for my office and living room. My only issue was that they started to wilt on the car ride home!

I LOVED the market, but I live a bit north of the city, and we got stuck in a little bit of traffic, which was no good for my pretty little flowers. You can get your flowers already in mason jars filled with water, or potted plants - and those would have been fine, maybe that is what I would do next time. If you live in the city the market is a MUST see - otherwise, just make sure you plan out how you will care for the stuff on the way home. 

You can see the effect of the wilting on the flowers below. I cut the stems and put them in some water when I got home and they did perk back up a little bit after this photo.

I love these hydrangeas in my "J" mug - they are a prefect fit on my mantle. 

There are only two more flower markets for the year, one on September 13th and October 11th. You can find more info here