Puppy Love

Hey friends,

Most of you know ALLL about Bauer - He has been the subject of many Instagram photos showing the things he's eaten and destroyed - He was a rambunctious puppy, destroying shoes, pillows, baseboards and carpets.

He will be three years old soon and has calmed down so much! He is a precious, obedient little being who wants nothing more than to cuddle. And food - he always wants food. 

You probably don't know as much about Chewy (full name Chewbacca). He's been with us for about 7 months, and I got him when Peter was away on a work trip (hah!). We had discussed getting a second dog, we were nervous about the added workload - but to be honest it hasn't increased that much - I mean walking two dogs takes A LOT more coordination, Peter wields those leashes like a Ninja! But not much more "labour" per se. 

He is an interesting character - Just as destructive as Bowski was as a puppy, here is short list of his crimes;

  • Peed on our couch
  • Peed on our bed
  • Peed on our outdoor furniture
  • Ate 3 pairs of shoes (I swear Skiboat must have helped him reach them)
  • Eaten the baseboard (where we replaced after Bauer ate it) 

He also loves to bite our hands as a sign of affection...

He doesn't shed as much as The Boat, but oh boy, he is a stinky dog. You know when you walk into a home and you know that a dog lives or has lived there before you even see them? B is for the most part odour free, but The Chew...He needs a bath about once a week. He doesn't like them, but he doesn't fight me so it's ok. 

Bauer sits and watches the process every time. I think he's shaming chewy with his eyes a little bit... 

*sidenote, do you know how many names we have for our dogs? The poor things I'm amazed they still respond to "Bauer" and "Chewy"  because, these are also their names...

  • Skiboat
  • Banana Boat
  • Banana Muffin
  • The Boat
  • Boat Master Flex
  • Boatski
  • Bowski
  • ski
  • Hushka
  • Halooshka
  • Boatholamew Stevens
  • Muffin face 
  • Minx
  • Tookas
  • Booglaton
  • Fluffy
  • Mooshk
  • The Chew
  • Coffee Bean
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Monkey
  • Monkey Face
  • Steven

We just can't come up with a name appropriate enough to express our love.

Anyway,  Chewy, he LOVES love. Like from anybody. He is the least threatening dog in the world. A little teddybear through and through. 

Some friends of ours also recently got a puppy, he's the cutest little Golden Doodle named Hudson and he looks like a mini banana boat. 

Look how fuzzy he is! Ugh Cuddle for days!...

As new puppy owners,  we've tried to prepare our friends for the next few months - Puppies are hard work! especially at the beginning. They are energetic, OFTEN destructive, and sometimes really frustrating!

But as you get to know them and they you - they bring so much love, fun and joy into your life.  When they're older and have calmed down - you won't even remember all your ruined shoes, and muddy floors, or you just won't care. You'll just have the best friend ever. 

Dogs are just the greatest aren't they?