Home Office Reno

I've really loved my office for the last four years, here it is below;

I loved the bright blue wall (which is slightly muted in this terrible old  iPhone photo). It felt feminine, really vibrant and fun. I liked the artwork and photos on the wall and the shelves filled with all kinds of books I've read over the years. Lately, however I have had the urge to rip it all down and start over - which I did; 

The gold console/desk is temporary for now...maybe

The gold console/desk is temporary for now...maybe

This is my room now in complete disaster mode. I actually boxed up 9 boxes of books that I will be donating, 9!!!

As you can see I have painted the walls white. I am loving stark white and minimalistic design these days, Peter and I have been on a de-cluttering frenzy. Anything we haven't used in the last year is being sold or donated, including electronics, furniture etc. We've always enjoyed a clean home without too much "stuff" and letting go of some of the excess just feels good for our souls! Anyway white walls are my thing right now - but I don't mind a little pop of colour or some gold accents, which adds a little "glam" to the room.

Here are some inspirational photos I'll be using to design this space; 

I'm a little concerned about the outcome of this reno!  White walls and minimal decor - is a difficult look to pull off without making the room feel unfinished. White interiors have also been a little trendy for a while, so there is the chance I will get sick of it - but I doubt it.

On the plus side we will be moving next summer so if I hate it, I only have to live with it for a year. 

How do you guys feel about white walls/interiors?



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