Friday Faves <3

Whats up Friday, 

Some fun and useful apps this week, and a couple of cool videos - plus more! I have lots I've been loving this week

1. Getting married anytime soon? Instead of leaving disposable cameras at each table have your guests use their smartphones, the photos are private (as opposed to instagram) and you can download them to your computer later! - WedPics 

2. Brad Pitt is in another WWII movie, in a more serious role, the trailer alone gives me anxiety so it promises to be worth watching. Watch here.  

3. This bed makes itself, sort of? I knew it was just a matter of time. Uncrate

4. I really hate the saying "this ___ is EVERYTHING" - Its really not. This and other overused sayings - Harpers Bazaar 

5. Ebay Valet takes all the grunt work out of selling on ebay. I'm ebay-lazy so I love this and am willing to give them 30%. Uncrate 

6. This time-lapse video of thunderstorms over Chicago is every... really cool. - This is Colossal  

6. Are you in Career autopilot? How to re-assess where you are and where you want to be - Fresh Gigs 

7. Anti- thigh gap jeans. Because the thigh gap is stupid. Womens Helath Mag