Summa'time drinks

It's 3pm as I'm writing this and I have not had a single cup of coffee today! Thats usually bad news for me (or anyone around me). I know it isn't good, but I am a complete addict - I get full on withdrawal symptoms when I haven't had any; headaches, irritability, the urge to take naps several times during the day, etc. 

In the summer I probably consume even more caffeine than normal- I have a regular cup everyday in the AM, and then maybe an Iced-cap, or frappuccino or a Passion Tea-lemonade throughout the day, I wish I could say "never all four" but I can neither admit nor deny.

Anyway, this is both - bad for my health and my wallet. So, I've started making my own cold coffees and teas at home so I can control the spending but also the amount of sugar, caffeine and additives.

For the Iced Coffee I simply create a coffee "concentrate". Basically I brew a batch of coffee in a french press and let it sit in the fridge overnight. It should be slightly stronger than you normally make it, I usually do about 2 tbsp per cup - and sometimes I use really dark roast espresso beans.

When I feel I need to cut back on the caffeine I use Decaf - same flavour, but no kick.

I usually serve it in a mason jar (smaller portion) filled with ice - fill about half of the jar with the brew (or your preferred ratio) and fill the rest with almond milk. I've been using vanilla almond milk which I LOVE, it gives it a great flavour, but you can use regular milk, coconut milk etc. 

When I want  EXTRA sweetness I use a tbsp of sweetened condensed milk - It gives it a little richness as well to the usually watery taste of almond milk. Normally I would use agave or regular sugar. 

The Tea-Lemonade is basically the same idea, I make a tea concentrate with any fruit based tea. For example the one I have below is a Strawberry-Rhubarb from David's tea - its delicious, but not one I like to drink warm. 

I only let the tea steep for 5 hours, overnight can make it bitter, depending on the tea. I use about half and half concentrate with lemonade or in this case limeade. 

I don't usually add any sugar to this (especially when the lemonade is high in it) but you can if you like, agave would probably be a nice touch here. 

Try adding a little bit of fruit to yours as well! Raspberries in this one were great. 

The Chew loves the smell of coffee - he absolutely would have downed this if he could!

It seems crazy but there isn't a whole lot of time left in summer! So I'm going to enjoy these cool refreshing drinks as often as I can! Give them a try and let me know what you think!