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Hey guys! I hope you've been having a good week so far. I've been busy with some projects, finishing my last few weeks of school, I've been taking two courses that are the final requirements to get my degree. I'll tell you more about that later -but I am feeling really good about it!

I've also been re-doing my office space - and so far I love it. I know white walls are scary for some people, but my room feels so much lighter and brighter. Peter is having a wee bit o' office envy.

The white walls and counters + big window are perfect for product photos. Like for example... oh i don't new fun, amazing, super light, and convenient b-day camera. 

Isn't it pretty? Yea, I know it looks like any other camera really, but I liked this one more than some of the others for its streamlined approach. The other ones still seemed a little clunky, or had too many buttons in awkward places. It's a Sony a6000, a "mirrorless" camera. It has a 24.3 megapixel sensor, and can be adapted to Canon, Nikon or Sony alpha lenses, it is 11 fps which I tested out and was super impressed by!

So far I have been using Peter's equipment for this blog, which is amazing and I will probably still use for certain situations. However it just wasn't convenient or practical for everyday photos. I wanted something better than an iPhone but not quite as large, and heavy for say - going to the beach. 

Mirrorless cameras are a great alternative, they provide the flexibility of an SLR with a variety of lenses and great picture quality, while still being light like a digital camera. I also don't feel quite as awkward. I can keep this camera on a strap around my neck without feeling like everyone is staring at me,  waiting for the rest of the paparazzi to join me. 

The LCD screen in the back of the a6000 is great, it live updates whatever settings you adjust in the camera so what you see on the screen (or in the viewfinder even) is what you get on your computer later. The only thing I wish the screen had was the ability to flip and face forward - you know for selfies. Don't judge. Actually you are probably selfie-ing right now...did you know there are 1 million selfies posted on social media everyday? That is a lot of stranger-faces all over the internet, bit of a weird world we live in.

But anyway, this camera  also has the ability to send my photos to my phone or computer over the wifi which will be soooooooo cool, once I figure out how to set it up. 

Now, I should mention, although I'm sure you know - I am not a great photographer by any means. Which is why I wanted to "review" this camera but only from my own limited experience using it, not necessarily on a technical level. The technical aspects of photography are things I am still learning, so any faults in the photos are sometimes because I forgot how to use aperture, or ISO, or was having bad eyeballs that day etc. That being said I am really happy with the quality of photos  that I am getting from the a6000. 

I've been taking it with me and using it whenever I can to get different kinds of light etc. Here are some of the images; 

This little frog is my favourite! He is a resident at the pond in Pathways to Perennials in Pottageville. 

I didn't want to interfere with the actual photo quality, so all of these photos are only SLIGHTLY edited - as in straightened, brightened a little etc. Nothing major, promise. 

I took close up pictures of the Roast Chicken (pre-cooking) I made this day, but man! chicken skin is super gross up close. So, I spared you. They were good though. 

Some of my favourite cookbooks - I think the focus on this is weird... but again, I'm pretty sure thats my fault. 

I almost never see the Chew's eyes, his haircuts are good for 2 days...

but pretty good ya?! I think it's perfect - exactly what I was looking for, and will make it easier to get more photos out to you guys. If you want a more technical review - or are curious about Mirrorless camera's and why you may choose them over a DSLR see the links below!

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Have a good day! xoxo