Canada Day Photo-Fail


I hope you all had a fun and relaxing Canada Day! 

It was a beautiful sunny day, we started with taking the puppies to a nearby lake, which they loved. However, we forgot towels and they destroyed our backseat! 

Then we went to a potluck lunch at my sister in law's house with some close friends. There were a lot of people there! groups socializing, laughing and having a great time. The kids enjoyed time in a bouncy house, sandbox, and around a fire pit making s'mores- amazing. There was  so much food and amazing desserts. The night ended with the family huddled together enjoying a great fireworks show. 

There were so many good photo opportunities! I'm not sure how many of you think about life in that way - Peter certainly does, as a professional photographer/cinematographer I think his brain processes what he is seeing every minute in terms of snapshots or scenes in a movie. Its fascinating to watch and not something that comes natural to me. However since starting this blog (and maybe even since Instagram) It is become something I think about more and more. It's actually one of the greatest benefits of blogging, I am becoming more observant of the world around me, appreciating small details that i might normally miss and I think I am becoming more purposeful in how I look at the world. 

There were so many happy faces and interesting moments I could have photographed yesterday, however, the world conspired against me to make sure that didn't happen. 

Well, not really - the world had nothing to do with it. It was my fault, firstly, I forgot my DSLR. FORGOT. And then this happened

Thats a (terrible) photo of my iPhone in a bag of rice. After being dropped in a (clean) toilet. *sigh. 

3 weeks ago, I cracked the screen, promptly had it repaired only to drop it again. I obviously cannot be trusted with it. Amazingly, it turned on this morning and functions perfectly! The rice works! 

Despite not having any photos, the day was happy, the memories are great and ultimately that's what counts.