This time last year

Guys, it feels like forever ago.. but one year ago I was here 

Just looking at this picture fills my heart! I love Paris - and the longer I am away from it the more I forget the bad stuff (like that most of the city smelled like pee) and more fondly remember the good stuff - like the life changing cappuccinos I had there. 

We did so much in so few days - Peter still tells everyone that I basically made him walk across France - It's not my fault he didn't think to pack comfy shoes. 

We ate some really great food - I am  forever in love with Laduree and those delicious macarons. 

We got to visit some amazing places including; Versailles, the Louvre, L'Orangerie, and Notre Dame 

One of my favourite things was watching fireworks light up the sky for Bastille Day - truly spectacular and the best birthday present ever. 

Seriously though, how beautiful is this?! The city is filled with unique and interesting places, views and people. This trip is one of my fondest memories of life and I can't wait to go back!