Photos, Babies and Bunnies

One of the fun parts of blogging involves capturing the images to go along with what you're sharing. It makes me proud to see improvement in the quality of my pics - and there really is no better way of learning than just DOING.

That being said my photos pale in comparison to the work of my husband. As many of you know, he has a great eye and technical skill - what many people don't see is the hard work that goes into cultivating his passions and talents. He was born with talents yes, but he spends hours and hours each and every day getting better, learning more, and going for his goals. It's inspiring to watch.

Recently one of my best friends asked Peter to take a photo that would be her unique and fun way of announcing her pregnancy to the world. 

Congrats Donna and Julian! xo

The final outcome is AMAZING! Does this look like a movie poster or what?!  Also check out the fun one below that Peter took when we had a friend from Los Angeles come and visit us for a few days. 

The man in the bunny suit is Blake, he is an amazing magician who is allergic to Rabbits - the irony. 

To see more of Peters work visit him here.