Canada Day

Hey, I hope you've all been enjoying your long weekend (if you had one that is)

Canada Day is tomorrow! I LOVE Canada Day and I've spent some time online trying to figure out what to do. Naturally Pinterest always has some great (and not so great) party ideas and I came across the following(sorry about the photo quality); 

Link Here  (Image/Recipe not my own)

Link Here (Image/Recipes not my own)

I liked one of these and the other I hate, can you guess which is which? Canada Day and S'MORES just go, you know? I like the understated setup, its not all obnoxiously white and red but has a nice rustic Canadian-ness to it. Plus s'mores are just always a win aren't they? If you don't like them I will have to question our entire friendship. Do you SEE the caramel and toffee bits?

The watermelon cake though, where do i start? First of all, can someone explain to me the "No Bake" in the title? Its a watermelon, why WOULD you bake it? Seems unnecessary to add the "no bake" unless you were trying to make it sound easier than a normal cake, which it should be. Because its a watermelon. Now, a lot of people have been really excited over this, its been repinned a lot and the comments are always something containing an "omg". SO, if you are one of those people (or If you've made this for Canada Day) - I am sorry. I just don't get it. If its appealing because of it's health benefits, why not just - eat a watermelon? Add the whipped cream, frosting or whatever you use on the side.

I'll be honest If you have this delicious looking cake set up on a table, and I go to get a piece, when I find out its a watermelon, I will feel cheated. And then I'll have to question our entire friendship.

Anyway, for those not having a party but going out for the festivities, there are lots of things happening in and around the city. Here are just a few things we're considering; 


OLG Canada Eve Fireworks - This is happening TONIGHT! It's at the waterfront in Toronto, 20 minutes of fireworks set to music. It's free and starts at 10:40pm. Link Here

Kanata Summer Festival - In Newmarket 11-4 at Fairy Lake for inflatable bouncers and live entertainment. 10pm Fireworks show at Bayview Park. Link Here

Canada's Wonderland - Fireworks at 10pm, I'm not big on the roller coasters, but I am good at holding stuff for other people while they go on the rides - plus there are lots of other attractions  as well. There are over 6000 explosions planned as well as custom fireworks - sounds fun! Link Here


If you haven't decided what to do yet, here are a few helpful sites

Other Toronto Events

A list of whats open and closed in Toronto

Other York Region Events

Whatever you do, I hope you all have a happy and safe day!



P.S. Don't forget, Mandarin Buffett - Its free (as long as you can provide a Canadian Birth certificate, passport  or citizenship card) You'll probably have to stand in line all day though. Link Here