Friday Faves <3

Happy Friday!!! 


Here are some pretty cool things I've been loving this week, check them out!

1. This TV show sounds really cool, I loved LOST so - WiredMag

2. Ever heard of Blush Shop? It's a cute boutique in Guelph that sells some pretty   amazing stuff. They have a new "mobile" store that they set up for parties, events etc. They are such a cool idea - Blush Shop

3. THIS is my dream kitchen, like seriously I love all of it. It's a great blend of modern with traditional. Plus the designer gives tips on how to style your kitchen  -  RueMag

4. This wrap watch come already layered for you! There are a few different styles, but I love the beachy vibe of this one - ShopBop

5. This artist does custom paintings and rugs, they are colourful and simply stunning - Zoe Pawlak

6. Last but certainly not least my husband has re-started his amazing photography series called The Plaid Chair. I love it and am super excited to see what he'll do next! - The Plaid Chair