Weekend: Summer Edition

I hope you all had a great first weekend of Summer! 

I've spent the last few getting some work done around the house, so I was happy to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine! 

Peter and I relaxing on one of the many great patios in Toronto! (thats Peters relaxing face). 

Our friend and super talented Magician Bill Abbott had a show at Joy Bistro in the city - a really great intimate spot with awesome food! If you've never seen Bill Abbott Perform - you need to. It was a great show, super funny! Check him out below!

I came back the next day with a friend and ended up just walking around the city, including over the "Puente de luz" which means Bridge of Light. It's actually an art installation designed by Chilean sculptor Francisco Gazitua, he has some other great pieces around the city, but this  is definitely one of his best.

I could do without the fencing, but that is a safety measure I'm sure. 

We found our way to the Toronto Music Gardens and I have to say: MISLEADING

It's tiny! The images I'd seen make this park look MUCH larger than it actually is. It took us 3 minutes to walk it. 

That being said - If you are looking for a quick break from the craziness of city life - it is a nice to place to relax and have a picnic,

 I can definitely see some beautiful engagement shots here as well!

We stopped for lunch at Amsterdam Brewhouse which has a patio that faces the water as well as a great view of the CN tower.

Awesome food, and even better beer! They have a few new fruity beers for the summer (not for everyone but I LOVED) The peach flavoured beer - DO IT. 

Also, Friday's they sell one of their best selling beers (the 416) for $4.16! 

I love summer, I can't wait for more days filled with sunshine and friends  - what did you do this weekend?