Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Hey! Another summer recipe for you...

I often peruse Pinterest for fun and interesting recipes as I'm sure many of you do. As the weather started to get warmer I found all kinds of cocktails and summer drinks - this was at the top of my list. Look up strawberry lemonade and you will find DOZENS of recipes. I choose one because I liked how thick and slushy it looked, you could easily add some rum to it to make it more of a daiquiri.

All it required was a lot of fresh strawberries, a few lemons and tiny bit of sugar, (although the author swore she loved it without sugar also). 

So the idea is to blend all of the strawberries with a little bit of water and sugar and pour it into a container, you then blend up 2 whole lemons-rind and all! The rinds are usually bitter, but it is meant to intensify the lemon flavour.

You take the rest of the lemons and juice them into the lemon mixture, combine with a little water and then strain it into the Strawberry mixture. 

Looks delicious doesn't it?


It wasn't. 

I am so annoyed with the person who wrote this recipe and put it on Pinterest because CLEARLY - you did not try it. How can I explain how a few simple ingredients could be so disgusting? It was totally the rinds. DONT BLEND THE RINDS. It was bitter, like ugliest face you've ever made bitter - and no amount of water or sugar that I dumped on it made it any better. 

Maybe If i'd had more strawberries or lemons - I could have salvaged it, but I didn't really want to waste any more fresh produce on it either.

Moral of the story? I don't know...DONT BLEND THE RINDS. 

At least it made for some pretty photos...