Fashion Friday: Secondhand Stores

Recently Peter and I purchased a new home. The construction will begin next year and we should be ready to move in next July! We are super excited, it's a beautiful home with lots of space for the puppies, its walking distance from my parents home, and a 5 minute drive from a few of our friends. God willing, this will be our home for many years to come and we want to make sure that it will be functional and suit our style. We know there will be some upgrades we'll want to make, and we'll want to get some new furniture and decor - all of which point to lots of $$$$. 

So for the next year we are putting ourselves on a budget, step one for me was finding a way to spend less on clothing and accessories.  I've been to thrift stores in the past and while I think you can find great deals, I generally get annoyed with the sheer amount of stuff that is often mis-categorized and just shoved onto racks. It can be a pretty painful process to MAYBE find one or two pieces that are gems. 

This time I tried a "secondhand shop" typically thrift stores refer to those that obtain their merchandise through donation, as opposed to purchasing the items from you. The store was Plato's Closet, which collects "trendier brand names" and items that have been in style within the last 12-18 months. I asked the associates a few questions about their intake policy and watched as some people brought in their clothes - they were fairly strict about the conditions in which the clothes arrive, which is great. 

In the end I walked away with 3 dresses and 2 tops for $47- The dress below caught my eye because of the paint strokes and bright colours.

 It is a Necessary Objects dress, a popular brand from the early 90's that is still around today (think Clueless and Empire Records) - it does have a 90's vibe though doesn't it? I'm kind of obsessed with the 90's right now.

I absolutely love it and it cost me $8 dollars!! 

Click on the button to go to the Plato's closet website and check it out for yourself! 

Happy Shopping!