Winter Wish List

Winter is pretty much officially here, you know how I know? Because I have had the WORST cold the last few days. The kind that makes you want to sleep all day every day. It sucked, but I think I'm through the worst of it now. 

I actually pride myself on the fact that I don't often get sick. I have a pretty tough immune system  - I think largely due to the fact that my mom was always giving us all natural foods, vitamins and omega oils when we were kids. She even fed us shark oil! which I remember being disgusted by - but now I'm grateful for.  I'm also pretty good about not touching my face, washing my hands,  keeping sanitizer around and taking the appropriate seasonal vitamins (echinacea and vitamin C). So all in all my immune system seems to be pretty rock solid - HOWEVER,  that means that when I do get sick, it's not from your regular run of the mill type of cold. It's the mean kind. The kind that can really knock you down for a few days you know? 

Today I am feeling like myself again! But I've definitely been thinking about some things I need for the winter, as well as just some fun stuff that I WANT, mostly fashion related - nothing at all that would help me with say another cold, but thats no fun anyway.  Here are some of my favourites!

1. Midi skirts are in (so I've been told) and I LOVE them, especially this Rebecca Taylor skirt from Piperlime here. It is pricey but there are lots of alternatives as well.  What I like most about this one is the length (just below the knee) - which is good if you're shorter like me.  Also, it can be dressed up or down and having something sparkly in your wardrobe is pretty much a must in the winter. 

2. Purses/Clutches are also necessary for any winter festivities or outings. I love this one that you can find at Moorea Seal here. Like the skirt it can be "fancied" up or used more casually. The size is great, it'll hold everything and well, its just pretty damn cute and a good price. 

3. Cozy Sweaters like this one from Piperlime here are some of my fave things to have in the winter. I like the plaid-type pattern on this one, which sort of combines two of my fave winter looks, but again this one is pricey - But you basically can't go wrong with any warm, cozy and slightly oversized sweater can you?

4. Party Dresses are always important for the holidays, I like this LBD from TopShop here-  It's pretty simple but adds interest with the form fit and feather lined hem. 

5. Seasonal Candles are great to have all year round! This is why Bath and Body Works exists no?  I'm partial to the winter/Christmas scents like this "mistletoe" one from Moorea Seal here. They also make excellent gifts. 

6. Party Stuff! I LOVE these so much - just a fun set of party props for your photo booth or simply for fun selfies at a party! TopShop for the win. Here. 

7. Sunglasses are not thought of as much during winter, but they are just as important - sometimes more! That light reflecting of the mountains of snow we are sure to have can be blinding! This year I am going with classic, but great - rayban aviators from Shopbop here. 

8. Statement Jewellery - THESE are the best. You can find some variation on this trend as well, but I love the white marble and gold together for the holidays. Love. 

Whats on your list?