Friday Faves!

Happy Friday! Here's what I've been looking at this week

1. This is the worst, apparently Air Canada has a porn problem to deal with. I don't understand why this has gone on as long as it has. Buzzfeed article here. CBC story here

2. Heard of Ello yet? It's an ad-free social network that has been attracting thousands of people since it began. It's invite only right now but the word is that it will give Facebook some serious competition...I don't know about that, but i like the minimalist approach to the site. An interesting read about the creator here. The site itself here. 

3. Two couples compete in building ikea furniture (I would totally rock this by the way). Sharing some actual valid and funny insight into relationships. Watch here

4. Photographer Sandro Miller used actor John Malkovich to recreate iconic black and white images which had inspired him throughout his career. I LOVE these! They're funny, but also extremely well done. The photographer managed to replicate the lighting and the mood, and John Malkovich expertly mimics everyone from Bette Davis to Einstein! See the series here. Artists website here

5. Netflix just hired on Adam Sandler to create 4 original movies. While I loved his movies growing up ( I still use lines from Happy Gilmore) I tend to agree with this writer who thinks this is a mistake and a dumb move by netflix. Read here

6. Beyonce's stealth release of her self-titled album last December is a Harvard Business School Study! That's pretty bad-ass. Harpers Bazaar shares some interesting details about how Beyonce managed to create and release the album in secret. Read here

Have a great weekend!!