My name is actually Janice Mckinnon but you can call me Jany or Janycarb (the Carb is part of my maiden name).  I was born in El Salvador but have lived in Canada most of my life. Currently, I am North of Toronto with my husband Peter (he's a babe) and our two dogs: Bauer, the worlds most gentle Golden Retriever - and - Chewy, the worlds most hyper Chocolate Cockapoo…I love them immensely. I would punch you just to prove it.

I've had many nicknames in my lifetime; J, Del Carmen (middle name) Carmella, Chelita, etc. Just never call me Jan. NEVER. It's Jany/Janycarb that feels like me though,- like exactly who I am and because this blog is basically a conversation between friends – I thought it was an appropriate name. I write about things that fill me with happiness; my faith, family, coffee, art. And sometimes the things I struggle with; budgets, anxiety, and waking up at a decent time.

A few FF (fun facts) about me:

  • I’m an Art History graduate, * cue blank stares – guys, I know ok, but it is reputable and I truly love the subject.
  • I have a deep-rooted, inexplicable love for the movie The Holiday
  • I also really like You’ve Got Mail and Dirty Dancing but who doesn’t.
  • I currently own two plants that I’ve kept alive since September – the longest any plant has ever made it in the McKinnon household

Have anything you want me to write about? Questions you absolutely need answered about Monet, dog grooming or making amazing coffee? Email me at janycarb@gmail.com