Around Here

I love summertime, loooovve it. Even with the frequent rainy days that we’ve been having this year, I’ve still enjoyed the overall warm weather and fresh air. So, it was a bit of a downer the other day when I realized that we have crossed that point – the days will only be getting shorter from now on! I know, it’s pretty upsetting, but, you know guys, we still have several months to go, so there is no use dwelling on it is there?

Instead I want to keep focusing on all of the things that I have to look forward to this summer and that are bringing me happiness at the moment.  I don’t know if I would call these goals as much as activities I hope to continue;

Getting healthy fit and strong is one of my biggest priorities for the summer – and life I guess.  I’ve been on a journey to better health for a few months now. You can find a little bit about my 60-day elimination diet here.

This diet changed how I looked and felt but also how I looked at or felt about food. I know that sounds drastic – and it is, but many foods that used to be weaknesses for me no longer hold much appeal, because I know there is always a better alternative – one that makes you feel good inside and out. That feeling now outweighs the attachment to the bad.

I’m not perfect, I occasionally have food that maybe isn't the best for me, but is oh so delicious, but those instances are rare and done with a clear mind and guilt-free conscience! Knowing that I was strong enough to do a strict (like really strict) 60 day diet - also gave me a lot of motivation to pursue wellness through physical exercise. I have been walking more and more every day and tracking my progress with my fitbit which I LOVE ( and now also my apple watch, but more on that later). I have also been going to the gym for about a month, incorporating strength training 3 times a week. 

Keep in mind all of this has been GRADUAL – I started with one area (diet) before I slowly increased or added another step. I’m hoping to get really comfortable with some of the strength training exercises that make most people run in the other direction.  You know, that scary side of the gym with all the grunting and dumbbell smashing.

Sidenote: I don’t know why, but my body is just not understanding how to do a deadlift – I understand it in my brain – but nowhere else. Help!

If you’ve ever read my blog before you probably have some inkling about how much I love coffee. So obviously I want to continue finding great new coffee shops in the city to tell you about! But also, I want to start exploring some of the great restaurants around as well. I love good food, a good atmosphere and a good patio. It should be interesting also seeing as I am following the previously mentioned dietary guidelines as well!

Lastly, I want to continue de-cluttering my home. I think I’ve mentioned before that generally I feel like a minimalist at heart. I’ve never liked being surrounded by too much stuff and don’t really tie myself emotionally to objects. Recently I purchased a book that just SPOKE to me. Its called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – and life changing it is. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this book- be warned that it is WEIRD.

The author encourages talking to your clothes, and thanking them for their service to you – for example. BUT her principles are spot on. Her approach is about letting go of the guilt you might have while getting rid of stuff. By acknowledging that they had some purpose to serve in your life and that it is fulfilled there is no reason to hold onto it. She encourages only holding onto things that you truly love. I have gone through about half of the categories she recommends (the order is important) and I feel lighter already. It’s quite refreshing to look into my closet every morning and only see the things that I love. This is the perfect time for de-cluttering as well since we will *hopefully be moving early next year. I say hopefully because we have been delayed twice already so who really knows.  There is a lot to do to this place before we sell though and it will be a lot easier with less stuff around.

Other than that, I hope to keep enjoying some fun date time with my love and hanging out with friends and these two monkeys;

So that is what the next few months holds for me. What about you?